Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Repurposing Everyday Items for Sci Fi Terrain, Part 1

What's the deal? (pun intended) 

In my never ending search for cheaper, ahem... cost effective solutions to more terrain i've found that repurposing everyday items to be a creative and imaginative exercise.
The word repurposing is a much used new term that i've let creep into my vocab. But hey, it's apropos. My latest find for repurposing was visiting my favorite scav-alert store.

My frequent forays into this scav-alert treasure trove has
yielded me all kinds of cool stuff to be repurposed.

Should i rename myself "The Historical and Frugal Miniaturist"? i think not.  However i am highly cognizant of the fact that this hobby is an addiction. Meaning that one can sink one's load of cash into this.

I usually cruise the aisles and let my imagination run amok.  And since I was on a sci-fi frame of mind I noticed these cool shapes...

Found these babies and I know what you're thinking.
What the hell are you gonna use these for?

Hint: look at the profile of the shapes.

Anything come to mind?

Get the picture yet? 

Of course, these are a few steps early in the process but use your imagination...

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