Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP: Dwarves Part 3 - DONE

Willy's (aka LTL Dad) Dwarven army painted, based and ready to fight. 
Time for a battle...

Flocked base with my sand slurry mixture.
Notice the absence of the ubiquitous green grass.

A little dry brushing of the bases after the required time for curing.
Rear Rank: Heavy Infantry from 
L to R 2x Swords 3x Axes
Middle Rank: 
Light Infantry /Auxilia Xbows
Front Rank: Light Infantry Bows

The Heavies!

Light Infantry and Skirmish


  1. I really like what you've done here and you turned these over REALLY fast! Can I ask a question, as a fellow 15mm guy who paints historical? I'm always looking to learn and I don't think I've seen this done in 15mm before.

    After you do the 2 color priming, it looks like you must use a thin coat over the top and that give these figures a 3D effect. Or are you having to go over and hit the highlights as well?

    Kind of a long question. My email is in my profile. THANKS and I'm now following!

  2. thanx monty! i appreciate the kind words and following this blog. i've responded to your questions on your email as you've requested. i hope it helps.



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