Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WIP: Dwarves Part 1

As previously mentioned in an earlier post, our gaming group has been hooked on the Commands and Colors game system. Our latest ambition is to pit fantasy armies versus historical ones. 

Classic match up between Republican Romans and Greeks.

Dwarven battle line and shield wall with artillery.

Not very original, I know and some grogniards out there are probably shuddering in their boots but what the hell! We game what we like especially if it looks good.

My latest project is an old Dwarven army that Willy aka LTL Dad has taken out of storage. The figures are from Black Raven Foundry and are beautiful sculpts. They're also a bit tall for Dwarves but nevertheless they kick ass!

Axes, Swords, Archers and Crossbows

My standard paint process of black primer and off white
(sand) dry brushing ready to receive the base color.
Stay tuned...

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