Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Incursion: SNAFU Action Shots

Back in May of 2011 here's what I had...
Fast forward to August 2012 and I'm finally done with the SNAFU miniatures and ready to play. But first some posing... 

Panzerraffe center stage having a shoot out with 'The Hurricane' with 
Gracie coming down the corridor for an  assist. 
Meanwhile, Bazooka Joe's lining up for a rear shot.

Drohne with a couple Sturmzombies in tow to engage Bazooka Joe.
And the Panzerraffe gets some more SturmZombie backup.

Might as well bring in the Blitzhund Mark II into the mix.

Now Ilsa ,the other Blitzhund and more Zombies have joined the rumble. 


  1. Very cool!!!
    My own figs still look more like your first pic there...

  2. Thanx, mate! Sorry about the loooong absence but glad to see your greeting. cheers!



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