Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Proxying the Mark V Blitzhund for Incursion


After diligently searching for the right werewolf figure I found the perfect mini to proxy for the Mark V Blitzhund featured in the solitaire scenario 'Unstoppable' from Incursion: SNAFU.

Sadly, I wasn't really impressed and was quite disappointed with the second Blitzhund sculpted for SNAFU. 

Especially since the first Blitzhund out of the gate was by far superior in its dynamic pose.

I even considered these other Werewolves... 

Beautifully sculpted Werewolves from West Wind for the SOTR universe.

Luckily, I was at my FLGS and found this gem...

Found a worthy prepainted mini to represent the Mark V Blitzhund!And for $6 - what's not to like? 

Left: Original Mark I Blitzhund, Center: Blitzhund from SNAFU,
Right: Mark V Blitzhund (proxy)

I like the Mark V's bigger size which truly represents a super sized version of the vaunted Blitzhund.

Sneaking up on an unsuspecting HMG APE.



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