Monday, June 27, 2011

Napoleonic Skirmishing

A couple of months ago we had a game day dedicated to Napoleonic skirmishing using Willy's home brew rules. The following photos were taken by Mike. We all met at Willy's shop (our semi-official club house) and skirmished with his just completed Red Coats from Alban that was featured in his post:
A peaceful hamlet in an unnamed valley.

Terrain was a combination of Willy's mat from the Terrain Guy along with the road by an unknown manufacturer and selected pieces from my collection. Recognize the huts? Those were the medieval/dark age huts I scratch built for our future Viking campaign from an earlier post: Carpet tiles were used for the plowed fields along with my scratch built haystacks. The wooden kegs were acquired from the wood working section of my local craft store (i.e. Michael's, Hobby Lobby). 

They have smaller scale barrels that are perfect for 28mm
and very cost effective and easy to paint.
We're talking $4 for a package of 9 wooden barrels.
Wooden fence sections come prepainted from Pegasus Hobbies.
Opposing forces: a squad each of British and French (An officer, an NCO, 8 grunts)
Objective: Loot the Village!
Red Coat opening shot of the day.
"That should keep those Frogs' heads down. Come on in Frenchy!"

Keeping the Frogs at bay.

Fire fight from Red Coat perspective: Frogs taking cover by the ale barrels.
"Hold your fire, Perkins! If you put a hole in 'em barrels, it'll be your hide!!"

And across the field, the fire fight from the Frog perspective.

Impetuous bayonet charge by my Red Coat is successful.

The Red Coats won that day but barely. The bad news: 70% casualties. The good news: survivors don't need to share the ale!


  1. Lovely stuff - really like the barrels too!
    Once again our interests collide - we are going to do some Nappy skirmishing using the "Sharpe's Practice" rules by Too Fat Lardies in a few week

  2. Good stuff, good barrels, nice eye candy.

  3. Great Batrep. Superb terrain and nice to see the huts in action again.

  4. thanks, gents.
    @paul - right ya are, mate. we seem to be in gaming synch. willy's the nappie fanatic and u should see his 6mm collection! also sharpe's practice is a great set of rules that we've used from time to time. cheers n happy gaming!

  5. Very good! I have been thinking along similar lines with my 28mm Perry ACW chaps...hmmm ;)

  6. I like the finer details. The barrels were a nice touch.

  7. great looking terrain - looks like a good battle

  8. I came across your blog while I was browsing the internet for websites related to Commercial carpet. Your topic interest me as I am a big fan of miniatures. I've always dreamed of making one for my kids. They like the Polar Express inspired miniature.

  9. thanx all for the comments.
    @scarlet: welcome to the world of miniature wargaming! your serendipitous research has led you to a crazy, visual world that i'll hope you'll enjoy. there's a lot of us out there (as you'll soon discovered if you haven't already) that covers every aspect of military historical periods not to mention fantasy and scifi. good luck with your project.



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