Sunday, June 5, 2011

Comicpalooza 2011

As previously mentioned, I attended and ran a couple of games of Incursion at Comicpalooza last Saturday. The Incursion games were uneventful in that I mostly taught a set of young newbies the mechanics of the game. The fun part was walking around during my break and taking in the sights.

Princess Leia
VSF Re-enactors
Clone Trooper and Imperial Officer

Han Solo and his babe.

Zombie Coeds
Zombie Coeds attacking a Jedi.

In person this Anime character was quite impressive and stood 8+ feet tall with eyes that were lit up.
Master Sargent from HALO
Silk Spectre

Zombie School Girls
(I heard some geeky hight school boys calling them ZILFs!)



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