Thursday, June 16, 2011

Motor Torpedo Boats

Fast surface action with Motor Torpedo Boats!
A couple of months ago, my buddy Mike picked up some British and German MTBs from the UK. No rules set has been selected so far for our gaming group. The criteria for us being: beer n pretzely, easy and playable to get the flavor of fast, surface combat without any hassle of charts and complexity. Bleh... >:p
Something similar to the mechanics of a 'War At Sea' without the cards. Eventually, we'll find something and by then we'll have some boats to play with!   

At any rate, the sculpts were cool enough that I offered to paint them since I've never painted 1:600 scale torpedo boats before. These muthas are heavy, solid and nicely detailed.  
Right outta the bag.
There was minimal flash on a couple of boats but overall they're clean and ready to go! 
The following photos are courtesy of Mike since I did a quick turnaround and didn't have time to photo them in my studio. I must say that it didn't take me long to complete them plus they were so fun to paint. As I always say, some minis are sculpted so nicely that they actually paint themselves. 
The Brits: a Fairmile D flanked by two Vospers.
Foreground: Fairmile D; background: Vosper 
Fairmile D
Kriegsmarine Schnellbootes aka 'S' Boats aka
'E' Boats to the Allies (the 'E' denoting 'enemy').
Forground: Early War; background: Late War
Late War S Boats
The whole lot.

Now we need some Merchant Marine tramp steamers for targets. 


  1. Why is it that our interests are so aligned, but thay we then live so frustratingly far apart?

    There are some Coastal Patrol rules in the new Too Fat Lardies summer special - 5 pounds for pdf download:

  2. Oh yes and a great a book for this is "Battle of the Narrow Seas" by Lt Cdr Peter Scott - cracking true life action during WW2!

  3. thanx all!

    @paul: yes indeed. wish we were in the same country at least but there halibut. oz/nz is on my list for visiting so one of these days...

  4. Great looking models. I will follow your journey with the MTB's with great interest.

  5. I use David Manley's Schnellboote rules, simple and straightforward and available as download if you google them. Or try FlaklighterII from PT Dockyard.

  6. i'll check out them rules, volleyfire, thanx for the recommendation.

    beccas, stay tuned n thanx.

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