Monday, April 11, 2011

Incursion APEs Done

Finally and at last, my finished APEs on my recently completed 3D Incursion board. I've been drooling over these bad boys ever since I saw them online last year! They paint up really well and I was able to crank these out in a couple of days just in time for Mag-Con 3 (April 2-3, 2011).
Left to right: Sarge, HMG APE, Grunt APE

Left to right: Blazer, Slugger Murphy with his trusty .50 caliber pistol: Bambi and his bat: Thumper, Grunt APE

Any of you recognize that mech? 
It's a repainted U.N.A. Fire Toad (which I'll feature in an upcoming post).
I actually got this idea from another blog and decided to give it a try.
I like it's monochrome look without all the busy-ness that some AT-43 Mechs seem to have. 
Double teaming: how do you think those .30 cals plus grenade launcher will stack up against this monster?
You gotta love these figs. And the Axis figs are finally coming. Plus since the recent announcement (read it here: from Jim Bailey of Grindhouse of the new and upcoming expansion I gotta get going on starting and finishing the other half of this board. 
Some additional weathering plus decals and 'Voila!'
She's ready for a spin.

She makes a sexy support option for my Waffen SS, no?
OK, gotta go and get busy...


  1. I'd recognise that Fire Toad anywhere! Nice job. Would make a great proxy for the Wolverine light mech. I have a bunch of AT-43 walkers (UNA and Red Blok) that I want to repaint, but then I'd be shy for that game... oh the agony of choice!

    Love the APEs too, great job as always! Have you seen the new bazooka variant model coming out with the SNAFU expansion?

  2. APE's are great, have a few of those painted myself, good work also on the AT-43 stuff.

  3. Great job on the APEs. I picked up Incursion a couple of weeks after stumbling across your 3D board posts. Great stuff. I plan on getting the APEs and an SWD force at Salte next weekend. A 3D board, very much inspired by your own, is in the very early stages. Fantastic stuff.

  4. thnx all!

    @man cave, yes, i've seen the new bazooka ape. in fact i've put in my pre-order for snafu. the swd are coming in the mail. mi-13 is still on my wish list b/c i jump around from project to project as i'm sure y'all can relate to.

    @zombie ad, i just started on phase two of my 3d board and it's going along faster b/c of lessons learned from my first. also, the writeup on the snafu expansion is talking about having scenarios that will utilize both halves of the boards! keep going - the 3d board enhances the game experience as you already know.

  5. I'm sure these are very interesting but I keep getting distracted by the Ninja babe.

  6. I sure do mate, I surely do indeed!



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