Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Little Katy aka KATYUSHA Part 1

Continuing my love affair with Soviet WW2 materiel, I'm finally getting around to completing (rather, starting) a piece of ordinance that's cost effective (read cheap) but devastating on the field thus giving the Soviets more bang for their ruble.

Tovarish Katyusha
Any chance I get to have a pretty girl populating my blog I will take.

One of my favorites, the BM-21 multiple rocket launcher affectionately known by its crews as Katyusha (little Katy) was quite the effective rocket artillery piece for the Soviets. The Germans being on the receiving end of such demoralizing and devastating saturation bombardments dubbed it Stalin's Organ (Stalinorgel in German). Obviously not a term of endearment.

For the Soviet's, it fulfilled their criteria of cheap to build and devastatingly shocking weapons platform. What's not to like?

(click on the pix to enlarge)
Katyusha Multiple Rocket Launcher

What's in the box? Lots of bits but alas, no instructions...

Trial and error sub-assembly and yes that is a bent rocket rail

Half way done


  1. An iconic weapon indeed.
    The Soviets also fitted it to obsolete light tanks- check out the BM-8-24

  2. will do, paul. how u liking living stateside?



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