Thursday, October 23, 2014

Another Era Deviation: Skirmishing Black Powder

Back to some more wacky gaming, just to shake things up a bit. If truth be told, I'm just A.D.D. and easily distracted. 

(click on the pic to enlarge)
If dogs can be Saints then Dug from the movie UP
would be my patron saint of A.D.D. personalities (read: gamer)

So we decided to try skirmishing different eras with the toys we already have. 

First up: Black Powder era match-ups. After a recent Saga battle (3 way battle between Normans, Vikings and Steppe Tribes - which I'll be featuring in another post) we decided to use the terrain already set up. Willy brought out his Heroscape pre-painted minis: American colonials vs British Red Coats. I'm happy to report that the Patriots were able to successfully outflank the Red Coats and take them down like the invading dogs that they were!

A British patrol gets sniped on by some Colonials

Then some modern skirmishing amongst some recently acquired, excellent crates and barrels from War Torn Worlds (they come prepainted so what's not to like?).

Pitting my modern Soviet Paras (right) versus my Al Qaeda Fedayeen (left)

RPD and RPG gunners supporting the para with an AK47 AKM variant
taking cover among some ultra modern sci-fi crates

My Fedayeen around wooden crates and chests

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