Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ninjas, Shinobi, Shadow Warriors

Ninjas aka Shinobi have always captured my imagination.

And I've been wanting some for my collection. So after receiving my Perry Minitaures order I got to work IMMEDIATELY.   
Absolutely brilliant posing!
Especially this one. :p
I love miniatures that are sculpted so well that they literally paint themselves.

This is a record so far for me b/c I finished these bad boys in three days. Well, to be fair, they're monochrome: black on black on black. They're not exactly Napoleonics (which *SHUDDER* I'll never paint again - but that's another story). However, I did some layering by dry brushing subtle grays to give some depth. I dispensed with any fancy bases, flesh color, etc. My rationale being 'less is more' and people tend to concentrate and focus on the model itself without the visual noise of a really ornate base like in a miniature diorama, IMHO. Especially if you have more than one figure on the table. See for yourself. 

Here's my Shinjou Clan of the Koka-Ryu from the infamous Iga region.
Their mission tonight is to infiltrate a subterranean stronghold also know as 
'The Rock [of Gibraltar]' and liquidate a certain Dr. Hugo Von X.
Some of you will recognize my Incursion board which makes a nice backdrop and mission board.

Again, absolutely brilliant posing!!
Especially this one. :p

Now all I need to get are some Perry Miniatures Samurai in everyday dress and build a samurai type castle. So many miniatures and so little time...


  1. The best ninjas ever were from Citadel, nice work sir.

  2. neato, tough to paint correctly black is a pain in the "A", I went down the lazy track of black undercoat, Chaos black GW with Val black grey highlights for my Eureka ninja. worked well enough.

    Like the real version though!


  3. Wow, these are some of the best ninjas I have seen to date, great job on the paint work, well done.

  4. hey guys, thanx for the wonderful comments!

  5. Excellent. I am ashamed to say that I have these figures, based but unpainted. A project I started shortly after the figures were released and never completed.

  6. c'mon zombie ad, i believe in you! you can do it...

  7. Looks great!

    Do you have a rules set in mind?



  8. thanx, allan: funny you should ask since my group uses our own homebrew rules that we use for mostly all our skirmishing regardless of what period / genre. however, i can recommend "Bushi no Yumi" by rich jones of ganesha games (makers of the song of series - u heard of 'em, right?). i've never personally tried that particular set but the song of series are pretty consistent. good luck!



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