Sunday, May 1, 2011

Incursion Nazi SWD (Secret Weapons Development) Units DONE

Here's the starting line up.
The Von Trapp children. Left to right: Gretl, Marta, Brigitta, Kurt, Louisa, Friedrich und Liesl.
Just kidding... 

Seriously, folks, without further ado, the Von X family...
The Von X children. Left to right Ilsa, Hans and Gretl.

Their pet dog: Blitzhund
"Hier, Blitzy, holen!"
(Tanslation: Here, Blitzy, fetch!)

Their neighbors: the BomberZombies.
The other neighbors: the SturmZombies.

More SturmZombie minions... umm, I mean neighbors.

Hans the Hunter

I love that Harpoon Gun!
Gretl the Zombie Controller

Ilsa, one badass 'UberByotch'!

One of the best poses amongst all the other cool poses!

BlitzHund: "Rowwwwwrrrrrr..."
Slugger Murphy: "WTF!"
(Translation: Brains, brains, brains - and no they're not smokers!!!)

To supplement my Zombie ranks, here are some cool AT-43 O.N.I. Virus Zombie Detonators. Like I always say: "Zombies are like trees. You can never have enough of them."

Dunno how Gretl does it but isn't controlling Zombies just like herding kittens?
Slugger's in trouble!
Slugger in the center left is about to drown in a sea of SWD bad guys.
Time for the Grenade Drill...
The British are coming.


  1. Nicely done my friend, beautifully painted figures.

  2. Excellent stuff - very impressive!

  3. You've done your usual amazing job with these mate. The ONI figs fit in very well (I havent seent hem in the flesh) but your Von Trapps take the cake - very well done on their fine features. Mine are still in their blisters!

  4. Hi,
    I listed you for the Stylish Blogger Awards. See details here:
    Thank you!

  5. Looking awesome. Those AT-43 figs fit in great. Just about to finish putting my SWD Horde together. Great to see your ones done so well.

  6. i contacted jim bailey (incursion game designer) and he wants to schedule a game day at dragon's lair in san antonio using my 3d boards and his studio painted minis AFTER the release of the SNAFU expansion coming out the end of this month. that'll probably be sometime in june or july. i'll keep you guys posted!

  7. I'm so envious! But I'm glad Jim thinks your boards are THAT good too!



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