Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New Scav Alert! Part 2

Continuing my series of re-purposing found objects from the different craft worlds on line and in brick and mortar sites I found these great pre-painted metal gate and fence on a popular seasonal decoration on line store: Department 56 Village Replacments http://www.department56corner.com/.

Here's a tip: their store is not that organized and have lots of variety. If you do find something that you like better to pull the trigger then and there since you might not find it the next time. 

My Black Scorpion Pirates fit nicely

The stone wall with some snow was another
item that I found at the same site

Mix and match: the dark brown crates are pre-painted models from Pegasus Hobbies

Wood pier on the left was also another item in their catalog.
Good luck finding it, though. Last I check, it wasn't available.



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