Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Milleniumcon 2014, Part 1

A couple of months back, I got to attend Milleniumcon in Round Rock, Texas. It's my second time around and I got to see some cool games. Mainly, I hung out with Grindhouse Games crew running demos of Incursion using their studio painted minis on my 3D boards. Lots of fun was had by all!

(click on the pix to enlarge)
Excellent art work captured in their banners. Middle banner was also produced as a poster -
alas the others were not :(
The Von X twins (studio painted no less) 

An odd assortment of SturmZombies

The Brit Commandos of MI13

The Yanks of the Lucky Seven
My 3D board
Let the games begin...
HMG APE in Reaction Fire

Grunt APE backing up Slugger

"C'mon out, you ZomBags!!!"

Next up: The Games of MilleniumCon


  1. So...very...envious!

    Any news on what be coming next for Incursion?

  2. I had a cunning idea...
    Wanna meet up at Historicon next July?
    I figure its about equal travel for both of us!

  3. Hey Paul,

    That cunning 'plan' seems doable. I like that idea. Need to consult my calendar and we will make it happen. Let's coordinate on this.



  4. I downloaded the Assets expansion and was going to give you the link the downloadable pdf but I couldn't find it. Look for my email. I'll just send you the pdf.

  5. Not sure if you herd the recent M&M podcast but the Wetswind folks are expecting the plastics from the Incursion KS to clear customs this month, and so start distribution soon!

    Also the KS for Secrets of the Third Reich 2nd Edition starts tomorrow!

  6. thanks for the heads up, mate! i'm in contact with the incursion folks and they'll be getting my stuff right quick. i'm not in a hurry right now and i can be patient since i've been on other projects. cheers, paul!



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