Monday, July 14, 2014

The Streets of Stalingrad, Part 2: A Bolt Action Meeting Engagement

And now the long awaited outcome from Part 1: on three sections of the table, the battle continues...

The center: Infantry squad vs Infantry squad.

Soviet Command element braves the open street and runs into the Stug then quickly ducks into a building.

"Load, HE..."
The Stug with no target in sight stalks the streets in search of one.

"Target lost, where did they go?"

T34 in ambush mode.

The T34 comes out to play as the Soviet infantry looks on.

Time for a showdown.

Shots were traded but no hits scored for both AFVs. Meanwhile on the far left flank another showdown between the HT and an SU76 is about to begin.

The HT is cheered on by infantry.
Where's the HT?
'Here I am, Ivan.'

Direct hit!

3rd Squad prepares to move out and exploit the opening.
Soviets mourn their lost Suchka!
Prepare for action...



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