Friday, May 4, 2012

Toe in the water, Part 2: Stalingrad with Rail Yard in 15mm

Ohhhh, SCREW IT! Toe in the water, WTF!!! Geronimooooooo!!!!

Just dive right in!

Nice entry, no?

I've been gathering and acquiring more HO scale buildings and weathered boxcars from ebay sites.

My earlier acquisitions. Mostly from the consignment shelf of my local train store.
I've also added more to my Stalingrad collection by acquiring ruins from JR Miniatures. Please excuse the funky hues these pics are in. I've been experimenting with lighting and the key thing here is to ignore the color and concentrate on the content more than the end result.
JR Miniatures Stalingrad
Not that you can tell but all these resin models from JR have been black primered and dry-brushed with an off-white, sand color.
I love how brilliantly designed these ruins are complete with removal floors.

JR's Train Repair Shop with downed crane and other details come out perfectly when dry-brushed.


  1. Very nice - War of the Rats indeed!

    But stop sodding around with this stuff and build me another of those gorgeous Gladiator arenas!

  2. Very nice post...and nice blog too!

  3. thanx for all you comments, gents!



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