Sunday, July 31, 2011

Farm Animals

Animals are a necessary accoutrement to breath life to any wargame table. Mike had a whole bunch he acquired eons ago so I offered to paint 'em and use them to populate our soon-to-happen Viking campaign.

I need more sheep!
The black and white calf is a metal figure that came in a bag of animals I acquired at a train show.
The same goes for the black pig and white bull dog.
A nice village ripe for plundering!


  1. Lovely! I desperately need some animals in my hamlet too - and I've even got the pig pen and stable ready for them!

  2. Nice work. Animals are a must. Vikings have liking for such things.

  3. They really do add loads a tabletop. You might even use them as mobile cover, especially the cows?

  4. Old McTrujillo had a farm... I need something to raid.



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