Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from all the gang!

Well, tis truly is the Season and the toys ALL wanted to get together and do an obligatory group photo. I said to the guys, "Are you nuts?! There's no room to fit y'all - I don't care if you are all minis. And besides the coordination nightmare, we all have to make sure that everybody gets along. This'll be just like herding kittens.

But a few nano seconds later I felt the sting of a humbug and relented. "OK, fine, let's go ahead do a photo but y'all have to pick representatives from each group..."

"Here we go, no crowding around and everyone squeeze together."
Take 1: Here' s the gang (or at least a SMITTERING of them as my Cuban gaming buddy, Uncle Greasy, would say). That pretty much represents most of everyone, I thought.
Take 2: OK, a few more lumbered in and flew by...
Take 3: ...and rode in...
Take 4: ...crawling thru...
Take 5: Now the ships came in!
Take 6: "Droids! We don't allow your kind here..."
Take 7: But of course, if the Droids join then the rest of the Star Wars knuckleheads have to crowd in... "And, I thought they smelled bad on the outside..."
Take 8: Finally. Cheese! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!

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