Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New and Old Toys, Part 1

Most of us have lots of toys that don't get any use for whatever the reason. In this case, my Al Qaeda and Soviet Paras in 28mm supplemented by a recent purchase from Millineumcon 2014 of some kit bashed technicals that are (alas) a different scale: 20mm.

Front Left to Right: Al Qaeda Fedayeen, Soviet Paras
Rear Left: Kit bashed Technicals

Rear Right: Starship Troopers (just in case you were wondering)

At this past Historicon, I wanted to remedy the neglect of some of my toys by being on the lookout for prepainted terrain. Eureka! (not the company but the exclamation) Miniature Building Authority (MBA) did not disappoint. Also there were plenty of homemade terrain by enterprising gamers being sold at the flea market. Here's some of my new acquisitions.

Front Center: Homemade rubble and metal junk pile
Rear L-R: Prepainted block buildings and shanties from MBA 

Front Center: Pre-painted block buildings and shanties
from MBA w/pre-painted oil drums from Pegasus Hobbies

Rear L-R: AT-43 prepainted shipping containers
plus 4 un-painted shipping containers also from MBA

Concrete barricades from AT-43 work well with
my Technicals albeit in a different scale

Freshly spray can painted MBA shipping containers that needs some weathering

Friday, August 7, 2015

Historicon 2015, AT LAST!!

Boy, oh boy, after 25+ years I finally got to go to Historicon! 

Without further ado, on with the eye candy...

Cool Naval Game

1:144 scale planes

Modern Warfare skirmishing in 28mm
Buildings supplied by Miniature Building Authority 

Scratch-built medieval castle in 15mm

Scratch-built ancient hill fort in 15mm

Ginourmous castle in 28mm supplied by Miniature Building Authority

GHQ demo table featuring modern warfare in the Mid East
with all their associated toys in 6mm

"We are the Borg. You will be assimilated.
It is futile to resist. We are the Borg." 

Dropzone Commander in 10mm

Godzilla makes a cameo apprearance

More lovely bits from Dropzone Commander

Napoleonics in 6mm

WW2 in 28mm

"Blackhawk down!" Beautiful 2 ft square table for use
with 28mm US Troops vs Somalis using Skirmish Sangin rules.

One of the wackiest games I've participated in this con: Gnome Wars!
Here's the Sikhs with their Colonial Officer.

The Gnomosapiens and their pet dynos.

Jack o'lanterns

"Gingy, are you there?"

Looking for them Lucky Charms!
Cavalry support on Irish Setters

Zombie Gnomes with Skeleton troops
Roman Age skeleton troops
Air Support

German Gnomes

Russian Gnomes

Pirate Gnomes raid

Redcoat Gnomes supported by Zombies

Miniature Building Authority's product and demo table

The obligatory but still eye-catching Warhammer tournaments 

Period literature of Regency England featuring an amalgamation of
Pride and Prejudice, Sharpe's Rifles and Master and Commander
meets Zombies in 28mm

The Pegasus bridge in 60mm (note the bananas on the left)


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