Monday, May 30, 2011

Goblins from the Mines of Moria

As a slight deviation from Incursion, Vikings, WW2 and other worthy projects in progress I finally got around to getting those Goblins of mine (pun intended) posed and ready for a shoot. But first a little background blurb:

I'm not really a big fan of the GW goblins. It's not because of their quality, everyone knows that GW products are great sculpts thus commanding a high price tag. My issue has been the cartoon-like appearance of their overall look.

But ever since the LOTR films I knew that THESE goblins were destined for my collection. These are the coolest Goblins yet!! If you own the DVD boxed sets, you've more than likely seen the design of these creatures, their armor and weapons. I can really appreciate the time devoted to all their detail and love how much more warlike and evil they look. 

Love them shields!!

And cool poses, too!

BTW - the box came with Elves (barffff) but I won't be painting those Nancy boys... 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Incursion MI-13 DONE

For those of you who aren't familiar, "MI-13 is the United Kingdom's answer to enemy super science, occult activity and specifically the German SWD. This intelligence agency has a powerful military arm." Quoted from the latest expansion of the Incursion game: SNAFU.

Traditional British Commandos we all know and love. 

Rather than use the color scheme brilliantly shown on the Incursion site I decided to go the traditional route. 
Paddy Mayne and Grenadier

Paddy Mayne and Grenadier
Gut Gunners
Gut Gunners
Corporal and two Commandos
Ready for an Incursion mission! 

And if any of you out there are in the Houston area this coming Saturday, May 28, 2011 be sure to stop by at Comicpalooza. I'll be running Incursion with my two 3d boards and the complete original cast of characters in two back to back time slots: 3 and 4. Here's the game schedule:

Hope to see you there!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Viking Posturing Part 2 - DONE

Well, here they are. I finally got these knuckleheads to come in for a photo shoot. After numerous tries and endless cajoling for them to take a break from their looting and pillaging to come into the studio.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ninjas, Shinobi, Shadow Warriors

Ninjas aka Shinobi have always captured my imagination.

And I've been wanting some for my collection. So after receiving my Perry Minitaures order I got to work IMMEDIATELY.   
Absolutely brilliant posing!
Especially this one. :p
I love miniatures that are sculpted so well that they literally paint themselves.

This is a record so far for me b/c I finished these bad boys in three days. Well, to be fair, they're monochrome: black on black on black. They're not exactly Napoleonics (which *SHUDDER* I'll never paint again - but that's another story). However, I did some layering by dry brushing subtle grays to give some depth. I dispensed with any fancy bases, flesh color, etc. My rationale being 'less is more' and people tend to concentrate and focus on the model itself without the visual noise of a really ornate base like in a miniature diorama, IMHO. Especially if you have more than one figure on the table. See for yourself. 

Here's my Shinjou Clan of the Koka-Ryu from the infamous Iga region.
Their mission tonight is to infiltrate a subterranean stronghold also know as 
'The Rock [of Gibraltar]' and liquidate a certain Dr. Hugo Von X.
Some of you will recognize my Incursion board which makes a nice backdrop and mission board.

Again, absolutely brilliant posing!!
Especially this one. :p

Now all I need to get are some Perry Miniatures Samurai in everyday dress and build a samurai type castle. So many miniatures and so little time...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Incursion Nazi SWD (Secret Weapons Development) Units DONE

Here's the starting line up.
The Von Trapp children. Left to right: Gretl, Marta, Brigitta, Kurt, Louisa, Friedrich und Liesl.
Just kidding... 

Seriously, folks, without further ado, the Von X family...
The Von X children. Left to right Ilsa, Hans and Gretl.

Their pet dog: Blitzhund
"Hier, Blitzy, holen!"
(Tanslation: Here, Blitzy, fetch!)

Their neighbors: the BomberZombies.
The other neighbors: the SturmZombies.

More SturmZombie minions... umm, I mean neighbors.

Hans the Hunter

I love that Harpoon Gun!
Gretl the Zombie Controller

Ilsa, one badass 'UberByotch'!

One of the best poses amongst all the other cool poses!

BlitzHund: "Rowwwwwrrrrrr..."
Slugger Murphy: "WTF!"
(Translation: Brains, brains, brains - and no they're not smokers!!!)

To supplement my Zombie ranks, here are some cool AT-43 O.N.I. Virus Zombie Detonators. Like I always say: "Zombies are like trees. You can never have enough of them."

Dunno how Gretl does it but isn't controlling Zombies just like herding kittens?
Slugger's in trouble!
Slugger in the center left is about to drown in a sea of SWD bad guys.
Time for the Grenade Drill...
The British are coming.


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