Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More PanzerGrenadiers

Oh boy! I just got some new toys to supplement my existing PanzerGrenadier force. A few days ago I acquired 2 packs of BMW w/sidecars with troops and

4 SdKfz 251 HT

Phong, who I got these from, is a great painter and a long time gamer with an awesome collection. Lucky for me he was divesting himself of some excellent 28mm WW2 minis. Always on the lookout for items that'll fit in the Eastern Front, his stuff will be a welcome addition and a compliment to mine.  

I'll eventually change the paint scheme of these half-tracks to gray, not to mention acquiring some gunners and crew in the near future. But for now they're pretty enough to go on my table for some posing and gaming along with my newly painted pzgrenadiers.

Here's the command 251/10

"Nur Bewegung bringt den Sieg."
(Only movement brings victory.)
Heinz Guderian

Coming soon: More Bugs! Look for it.


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